Preacher Curl (Machine)  
  • Targeted Muscles:
    • Biceps
  • Additional Muscles:
    • Forearm Flexors
  • You can use one handle of the preacher curl machine at a time also to work single hands. This will provide a more difficult workout and can help balance the strength between your arms. Sit on the preacher curl machine as you would to perform the exercise, but instead hold the machine with your palm facing up and allow your other arm to rest on the pad or behind your back. Perform a full set with one arm and then perform a set with the other arm.
  • You can perform this exercise with dumbbells, barbells or cables.
  • The preacher curl not only focuses on your biceps, but also strengthens your forearms. This exercise provides an excellent way to build your strength and mass in your biceps, since you cannot easily cheat and use other muscles to lift the weight.
  • To perform the preacher curl, position your arms over the pad of the machine and slowly lift the machine handles. To add additional weight, slip on weights on either sides (or on the weight stack – as the machine is). You should take care performing this exercise if you have elbow or wrist problems.
  • While performing the preacher curl, you should maintain proper form and use slow, controlled movements. You may need to adjust the seat or pad height to make sure you are sitting in the proper position and your armpits are resting near the top of the pad. As you lift the handles, keep your body stable and do not lean back or wriggle your body. As you lower the handles, make sure you keep your body on the bench and avoid locking your elbows since this can place stress on your elbow joints.
  • Do not bend your wrists
  • Do not lean back or wriggle your body to help you lift the bar.
  • Do not lock your elbows when you straighten your arms since this can place stress on your elbow joints.
  • Do not allow your body to lift off the bench when you lower the bar.
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