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What's New?

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback! The team has been busy trying to integrate the best of all that has been suggested and we are happy to share the pre launch view of the Custom Routine Builder above. The functionality is still not complete but you will now get to see what has been keeping us busy. And as usual, it will continue to stay free!

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Why Personal Trainer?

Personal Fitness is ever more important in today's world where most of us are bogged down with desk jobs and little or no physical activity throughout the day. Thanks to the Six Pack Action Stars and hot bod actresses being portrayed in the current media, Fitness is gaining more and more popularity in the youth. Whether to gain a body to flaunt around or just for personal fitness, this trend is a healthy trend, if approached with knowledge and caution.

It is not uncommon to hear people suffering from gym injuries and over worked joints – the result of over enthusiastic approach coupled with wrong way of exercising and/or with wrong weights.

It is our aim to provide you with in depth details of the right way to workout, tips to make the exercise easier or harder (based on your physique and fitness level), precautions to take while working out and an optimum way to schedule your workouts. With the custom workout tool, we aim to give you your own home personal trainer without the need of spending on the expensive personal fitness trainers. If you have any suggestions / feature request, please share them at personaltrainer [at] and we will try our best to keep upgrading and adding features to make this tool the best online personal trainer for you.

Thank you for being a part of the Personal Trainer!

Personal Trainer Team