• Make sure while the bar is over head, your shoulders and hips are aligned at all times.
  • Begin with the bar racked just below shoulder height. Rest the bar across the top of your shoulders. Keep your elbows high. Stand up with the barbell on top of your shoulders and walk backwards to the back of the platform.
  • Assume an upright position with your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your elbows high and your back upright and tight, take a long step forward into the start position for the jerk balance movement. Keeping your torso upright, dip your knees and in a fast movement drive the bar upwards.
  • Drive the bar overhead and at the same time drop quickly into a squat, racing the bar down. Catch the bar on extended arms.
  • Drive the bar overhead to arm’s length and lock your elbows while stepping a short pace forward with your front foot. The bar, your shoulders, and your hips are all aligned.
  • Keeping your feet fixed in this position, straighten your front leg and recover to the start position. Lower the barbell slowly and under control to rest on the top of your chest and shoulders. Repeat Steps 3–6 to complete the set before carefully returning the bar to the rack.
  • Don't attempt if you have a weak back.
  • Don't spread your legs too far apart, that you loose balance.