Kipping Using the Hips

  • Push your chin and shoulders forward to gain momentum.
  • greater intensity means better fitness.
  • You can start the kipping pullup from a dead hang but if you're new to the exercise try starting from holding yourself at the top. Jump up and use the upward momentum from the jump to pull yourself all the way up to the bar.
  • Let yourself drop. This first drop gives you enough momentum to start the kipping pullup with a little assistance. Pull your hips back and push your shoulders forward while you descend. As you near the bottom let your body straighten out until your hips are aligned with your torso and your feet are hanging down.
  • Using the momentum from the down phase of the pullup, you should bounce into the up phase. You can do so by swinging your feet forward at the beginning of the up phase, but make sure that as your feet come forward your hips stay back. As you near the top of the up phase your feet will naturally swing back down. When this happens bring your hips up and out to round out the up phase of the exercise.
  • Push your chest out and swing down. At the very top of the up phase thrust your chest out as if your are trying to throw yourself, chest first, over the bar. Then let yourself drop to the down phase again, swinging your feet back behind you as you come down. As you get to the bottom of the down phase bounce back up to repeat the pullup.
  • If you don’t have the mobility to put your arms fully overhead, kipping pullups end up being an end range stretching exercise under a lot of load(your bodyweight)
  • Poor Technique and No Shoulder Packing – These studies emphasize the importance of technique and putting the humeral head into a healthy position