Power Snatch

  • After the peak of your second pull your shrug will pull you down, taking you directly under the bar
  • Bar stays very close to your body all the way up, elbows up and back after you shrug
  • Bar will be caught over the shoulder blades with arms vertical
  • Place a weighted barbell on a rubber floor. Grasp bar with a wide grip, about twice shoulder width. Squat down with your back tight, not rounded, and hips/butt down.
  • Begin exercise by coming up from the squat into the "hang" position (barbell is between your knees and hips). Next, all in one motion, perform a powerful extension of your hips and knees, while flipping the bar up to shoulder height
  • Next, come under the bar so that your palms are now facing the ceiling. Then receive the bar by squatting down and allowing your arms to fully extend above your shoulders.
  • Come up from the squat, while keeping arms fully extended, until you are standing straight. Then drop barbell down in front of you on the rubber mat. All these steps should be done in a smooth, explosive movements with no pauses in between
  • Don't leave your elbows loose. Elbow must be locked solid as you receive the weight
  • Don't land on your toes. Land in a good overhead squat position, heels down, knees over toes.