Pressing Snatch Balance

  • Repetition is key here. Just keep doing em and they will get better.
  • Brace before you dip and drive under. Say tight throughout the lift until you stand back up.
  • Keep your hands loose so you can press under faster. A death grip will slow down the bar when you dip and drive
  • Place the bar on your shoulders as if you were doing squats. Slide your hands out wider than your shoulders to the snatch position.
  • Slowly start to squat down. As you do so, raise the bar up over your head. The bar should reach the locked out position as you reach the deep squat position.
  • Pause slightly at the deep squat position and then stand up, keeping the bar locked out over your head. The entire movement should be done slowly as you concentrate on form.
  • Don't pressing the bar up.Focus on pressing under the bar.
  • Don't go too low. If you do it will ruine your shoulder position.